Hacks with Hounds


Sunday 2nd August, Red House Estate,

Moor Monkton, YO26 8JQ 10am


Sunday 9th August, Rose Thorpe Park,

Seaton Ross, YO42 4RF 10am


Sunday 16th August, Burnby Equestrian Centre,

YO42 1RS 10am

“Just wanted to say I am really looking forward to coming out with you all next season. I think the fact you hold kiddies' days, optional jumping and overall a nice day out is fab. I love the fact you're bringing the fun back to hunting and it's not all doom and gloom! Fabulous Hunt!!!!"


"Huge thank you to everyone for making us welcome today. It was a great 'first time out in a group' experience and everyone was so lovely and thoughtful. I'll be putting this on my timeline so everyone knows what a great bunch you are." 

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© Highmoor Bloodhounds Photographs Copyright of Dawn Walmsley